WCHS Cerberus Robotics Club 



Our Team values

Welcome to the WCHS Cerberus Robotics Club, proudly based in Lethbridge, Alberta. We are a driven team with a deep passion for robotics, actively engaged in VEX Robotics VRC Competitions where we consistently exhibit our cutting-edge designs and problem-solving abilities. Beyond the competition arena, we hold a strong commitment to our community, actively promoting STEM education through workshops and outreach programs.

At Cerberus Robotics, our team values camaraderie, collaboration, and continuous learning. We believe in fostering an environment where every member feels valued, and their ideas are encouraged. Our dedication to teamwork extends not only within our club but also as we strive to be positive role models within our community. We aim to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and a love for technology in future generations. Join us in our mission to not only excel in robotics but also to instill these values and empower the future generations of innovators.


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